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Al Bawani is a diversified group of Saudi companies. Established in 1991, the past three decades have seen our business grow from a modest civil-works firm into a fully ledged general contracting corporation with a sizable portfolio, strong financial position, and a significant presence in a broad range of industries. Indeed, our construction division is now among the five largest operators in the country. What’s more, our unwavering focus on excellence has earned us a Class-1 business ranking in Saudi Arabia.
To date, we have completed over 250 projects, building long-term partnerships and earning the trust and loyalty of our clients in the process. Furthermore, we currently
have over SAR 9 billion worth of ongoing projects. These are being serviced by our 12,000-strong workforce, each of whom is a specialist in their respective fields.
The group has bolstered its reputation by adhering to international standards and developing rigorous quality management systems in its business sectors. We have also established rigorous procedures to ensure the safety of our personnel – as a result, errors are minimized, and projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Ultimately we meet, then exceed, our clients’ expectations. The success of the business is further underpinned by our world-class engineering, administrative, and technical teams who utilize cutting-edge technology, equipment, and integrated support services. We are now investing in the future so that we can introduce the latest technology and knowledge to the Kingdom. This will allow us to harmonize with the objectives of Vision 2030: a striving economy, a vibrant society, and an ambitious nation.



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