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The Al Bawani Supplier Registration process is centralized through the Al Bawani portal. The portal provides a single online location where suppliers can register with Al Bawani in a fast and efficient manner to be able to:

  • Work with Al Bawani for your specific product & services
  • Update supplier company profile & upload your latest commercial registration and related certifications
  • Receive communications from the Supplier Relationship Management team.

By registering in the Al Bawani supplier portal, the supplier will be able to outline the range of products and services it is licensed to provide. If the products and services are relevant for any future tenders, the Procurement & Supply Chain team of Al Bawani may contact the supplier directly with an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the purpose of confirming their interest in participating in a tender.

By participating in this registration exercise, the supplier acknowledges and agrees that Al Bawani shall have the right to select suppliers at its sole discretion and shall be under no obligation to provide any explanation or reasons for including or excluding any company.

Registering with the Al Bawani supplier portal provides an opportunity to participate in future tenders raised by Al Bawani.

If you wish to contact the Al Bawani Procurement / Supplier Relationship Management, please click here


Guides and Reference Documents:

Al Bawani Vendor Registration Guide v1.0

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